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local girls

Threads forums Male Fragrance Discussion

threads forums Male Fragrance Discussion

Love the Lacoste Red, that's what I'm wearing at the moment. But I agree with you on the lastability of it, doesn't seem to stay on as long as it.
Inspired by the recent Creed Aventus deal thread, which inspired many hmmm better change it to "the RFD fragrance discussion ":/ . This fragrance is so well done in terms of introducing a fruity, but super masculine scent.
Personally, it is a hobby of mine to collect a lot of fragrances (I have over 30 of them). Of course, you don't have to. Most men only have 1 or. threads forums Male Fragrance Discussion Creed Aventus Men's Fragrance Rating and Review Welcome to the Wperfumes Forum where you can talk about anything related to fragrances such as perfume, cologne, bath products etc. Apparel Deals View All. Which fragrance do you wear the most often? Thierry Mugler Angel Men - Reminds me of what a box of chocolate glaze and cinnamon timbits would smell like. Also bought a Hermes and Dior Fahrenheit and brought them back to a refund.

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