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local girls

Thread when you were a teen

thread when you were a teen

AskReddit Thread Gives Rise To Worrying Admissions. | Updated 18 and some of the responses were very funny. Suggested For You.
Nineties teens were the last generation without ever-present technology; In a new Reddit thread they recall habits from the era that no longer exist time, being a teenager in the meant you were the last generation to.
What is the worst case of edgy teenager syndrome you have ever witnessed? All the "goth" kids were under tight scrutiny from that point forward. This whole thread is terrifyingly cringe, but this one took the cake for me.

Thread when you were a teen - Roberts has

Run of bad luck. That didn't happen but luckily, we all went to different schools and no one could believe such a crazy story. And then later she said she had an abortion, but her friend told her she'd go to hell if she did that so she pretended to cry and her friend shook her head and said, "You lost it, didn't you? Just a tiny little guy, nobody will even hear it. I must have worn these shorts twice a week for six months, thinking this girl was really enjoying my tight butt. Sofia Richie covers up in large shades and baggy navy coat as she stops by Fred Segal in Hollywood. thread when you were a teen