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Thread facebook attention whores

thread facebook attention whores

I'm pretty sure we all follow attention whores on Twitter/Instagram/ Facebook i thought i'd share a few who i busted a couple of nuts to. You guys.
Thread: unbelievable facebook attention whoring and WKing Attention whore, jesus. . Another whore on Facebook this is new. Thread: Facebook attention whore (raging.
I have a few male attention whores on my friends list. One guy I know .. So this thread is basically about every girl on facebook? Ho-Lee SHIT at this girls status on FB (Attention. Like if he got up and started playing "Dust in the Wind" or something, it's still shitty but at least I can give him points for feeling the room. For some reason guards kept coming to her and saying "such and such news channel would like to know if you would consent to an interview" which is weird, but it kind of fed into her "my husband was a real monster" story. None of this, "Oh, I thread facebook attention whores want people to see yes I do ," crap. Do you already have an account? Posting, or seeking, any identifying personal information, real or fake, will result in a ban without a prior warning. ATTENTION: Facebook Users

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THREE ADORABLE OLD LADIES WATCH THE KIM KARDASHIAN SEX TAPE VIDEO Especially since she literally told me the other day "I feel fine. Then at dinner, when I sat down at the table with the whole thread facebook attention whores, she screamed that she wouldn't sit at the same table as me, and was just being a huge attention seeker- it was absolutely ridiculous. Eh, it's a general human fault, I find, that people often assume that if someone's done something kind of annoying that must mean that they're rude or self centred and couldn't possibly be because they're just awkward or insecure. The dad was trying to make a career out of reality TV. Then there are people who share their own pictures that they posted of themselves. Fuck that, I'm fine with good looking ladies putting up pictures.
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thread facebook attention whores