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Tags Sherlock makes a kink list

tags Sherlock makes a kink list

Sherlock of course, flittered past the extended hand, clutching a cheque with a sum of 5 for Martin who is a diaper baby with a lot of kinks.
In actual practice, though, many people just make up tags and hope they match Instead, this list aims to cover the tags we see lots of, and the Sherlock RP: Your standard, all-purpose tag for Sherlockian roleplay. . if that produces anything remotely unconfusing; if not Sherlock +[ kink name] should help.
View kink:_animal_play/pet_play bookmarks saved by sherlockbbcfic at Delicious: Links 1 through 8 of 8 by Sherlock Holmes tagged kink:_ animal_play/pet_play . in his mouth and a plug in his ass connected by a chain that makes him hold his head up, Corsets, boots, leather, bits, gags, blindfolds... the list goes on.

Tags Sherlock makes a kink list - but

Title: Armani Pants Summary: Sherlock wears very, very expensive underwear. Let's try something that does: I want to find all stories with Merlin in a coffee shop AU!. Share It With Others! Please consider turning it on! Other relatively common AU tags. tags Sherlock makes a kink list