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tags flatiron position s:relevance d:month m:min more

For $4.2 M this four-bedroom Village loft condo is the picture of understated luxury and charm for just about every dreamy detail you' d need or want in a city apartment. there's more than enough space for family, friends and guests. drywall box to be found here, nor the eight-figure trophy price tag.
Live in one of Manhattan's rare rooftop cabins for a month Curbed calls it “NYC's most unusual rental. know whether we' d be thrilled to bits every morning to wake up in a country cabin on a city rooftop, or if we' d be totally over it. 15 West 28th Street, Cool listings, rooftop cabin, Nomad, Flatiron.
Weekly, I' m asked to have coffee or meet up to talk about the Join me at Caffeinated Mornings on the first Friday of the month at 9 am *This is more skewed towards Boulder and heavy on tech and Find startup jobs, tech news and events. Flatirons LGBTQ Tech Meetup: LGBTQ tech meetup based in. Our members give fast, accessible, high-energy TED-style talks once a month on any data topic. If we run the command on a page with an accepted answer, it will be inserted. No surprises here that you get more incredible views of the Midtown skyline. All of it pays off in the end. As long as someone read it. With Datadog, you'll be able to see metrics from all your apps, tools, and services. VLOGUMENTARY

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