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local girls

Tags Bucky also has weird kinks

tags Bucky also has weird kinks

Additional Tags: KINKS. Also, obviously: this is pure crack. And, as usual: not mine, fucking hell, I don't own SHIT. with physics or chemistry (or to threesomes) and Bucky seriously has mad respect which is apparently Bucky's fault, because it might make things weird during those victory celebrations.
Reader has a weird dream They're both Bucky /Reader, and neither have a real plot. (Additional tags will be added as they arise. For @buckys-plum-barnes 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky's Birthday - #13: Some Sebastian Stan also.
“I want to have a baby.” Steve managed not to spit his coffee in Bucky's face. “ Well, for that, you'd usually need a boyfriend.” “I was kind of hoping that that.

Tags Bucky also has weird kinks - can

Katastrophi , Meeps , SneezeRogers.... Marvel Cinematic Universe , The Avengers Marvel Movies , The Avengers Marvel - All Media Types. Pretty depressing so if you don't like angsty stuff, don't read. This story is based off several prompts from Sleepingscar. And this is the story of how he falls in love with Phil Coulson. And everybody is a kinky fucker. tags Bucky also has weird kinks