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What is the point of restrict Bunny / Servant costume to certain class? I knew IMC had a Fetish for clerics , but 2 HIDDEN CLASSES? General.
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** Class growth rates** HP: 0% Str: 10% Mag: 10% Skl: 15% Spd: 15% Lck: 10% Def: 0% Not everyone has played every Fire Emblem game.

T i knew imc had a fetish for clerics but hidden classes - can

I can only imagine that they didn't know who else to give S-rank staves to since every promoted healer can wield another weapon. Remember to double-check your crafting plans before farming: meatandmoremeat.com. Knives for debuffing are excellent and allow you to set up kills for your weaker units. This would have been a gaffe had Mitt Romney said it. On the subject of weapon restrictions, I rule that only human fighters can use the two-handed sword not dwarves, and not elves just to give them a cool benny. They're also good pair up bots. One thing to be careful of is boosting the amount of healing a cleric can dish out. Also live to serve, but thats it. You must communicate that you are Mexican and proud of it and, moreover, that you identify with the oppressed classes. That's right, casual will be relevant again, mwahaha! I, frankly, find this class to be a little overrated in fates. Rush to maze, early Bookshelf Lore there then go in water nearby to Rubble Random. It's a worse Aum. In Journey into Fear she remains magnificently beautiful, but static, immobile, a frozen effigy in the midst of a paradoxically fast-moving and convoluted espionage plot based on the Eric Ambler novel.