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S yshomatsu and the succubus ch

s yshomatsu and the succubus ch

The place hadn't been properly cleaned ever since the succubus had been the demon entered the world, her pheromones drove Yshomatsu mad with lust.
It was time to find out what had happened to Yshomatsu and go find him. He started to interrogate her, and it was so easy without her resisting. She detailed.
Can a powerful Monk resist a Succubus in the flesh?. s yshomatsu and the succubus ch He had been dropped off a few minutes' walk away from his own people to avoid issue with the "mythological" beasts, which were very much alive. She smiled at him as if reading his mind. It was hard to believe this creature wasn't real flesh and blood. He reached down and retrieved his dirty but otherwise undamaged traveling pack and made for the exit, hoping everyone else was ok. Security code: Change picture Your current user avatar, all sizes:. Then the images started coming in from the succubus' current exploits. He was a fast learner and his skills were proof of it.

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The other part of him wanted to study him, to find out if there was any truth to the rumored end of mankind. He had to know if Elpis was still inside, dead or alive. What else was out there that he didn't know of? Monks had gone missing all over the world and now he knew why. Thumping foot steps in the mud rushed down the hall. He didn't feel any pride at attacking a friend, but hoped to have knocked some sense into the young monk.

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Greenish mist or fog covered the floor. She needed to be fucked! First she had to help Yshomatsu get that demon spawn's influence off his mind. Giant trees littered the area, vines reached between trees. The seductive voice lingered on his mind as he ignored his gut feeling and stepped into the cave after the hound, his footsteps silenced by the moss covered ground. He was doing fine controlling his impulses, until they made camp.

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S yshomatsu and the succubus ch The Knight and two more of his men were pulled forward into the snow beside him. The cave in the jungles had been too far away. Their skin was covered in orange fur except where marks of past battles tore the fur and revealed their skin you'd expect to be smooth flesh only to be scaled reptilian armored hide. Yshomatsu's struggle amused the demoness. All it took was one sniff of that vapor and here he was practically humping the air, trying to get some pussy.