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This is a continuing story best read from the beginning. After my dear Chantal's really good sessions with her favourite 'johns' on Thursday night she did sleep in.
My first attempt at any writing, I am far more at home with numbers. I wish this story was true, it's just a dream. If it is accepted I have several more chapters.
Although it will be a lengthy read by now I really do recommend you start this saga from the beginning. After her serious pain session with Dick Chantal spent.

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S we own a legal brothel ch Before she applied his rubber tags dirty talking sluts an efficient mouth action she had a nice technique of playing with his unclad cock squeezed between her breasts. We, and you readers, know my answer to that question, s we own a legal brothel ch. The shower was no problem but the extension did seem to take on a life of its own. Chantal stood up straight and said "I have never tried it but have read about it, it involves sticking a root of ginger up my ass I think and I understand that it may well warm me up inside. She was still in no hurry when she took him in the shower and he definitely felt he got his money's worth.
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Dick left her lying still and s we own a legal brothel ch for a drink for her. When she returned I put this idea to her and she said "That's a great idea maybe we "girls" will have to revise our opinion, you are not just thinking of us as lumps of meat for sale. Terms Of Services Report A Problem Privacy Username: Password: Forgot your password? Select new user avatar: Upload and save. He could not reach her tits from there so the poor girl had to pull hard on her own nibbles, strange I had not heard him tell her to do that! I will spare you the gruesome details but ended up taking her back to her house and helping her do a rapid packing job on all her easily moved belongings. The treatment was not very painful but very rapid and he also gave several twists of her nipples and was fingering both her clit and pussy.

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I will let you rest now give me a call as soon as you are enhanced" She said "Of course I will and by the way I am lying on my tummy now my bum hurts and looks horrible, with bruising on my boobs tomorrow I will have to sleep standing up". That evening Chantal spent several hours with Kitty one of the girls that covered Rita in the main office. He than took off her gag which was soaked in spittle and gave her a drink. All the girls were in a surprisingly good mood laughing and joking about their experiences. She than lay on the side of the couch and held up her skirt to show me, deep behind her clit she had a curved steel barbell inserted with the ends curving downwards. s we own a legal brothel ch